Let us give you three key reasons:

We’re in the middle of the digital revolution, and data scientists are at the forefront of the change…except, well, you can’t find any. There is so much demand for data scientists right now and so little supply that finding one is an extreme challenge. If you do find one, prepare to crack open the coffers because they are expensive! Listen, you’ve got great people who already understand your data. They just don’t have data science level skills … until now. CitizenDS is the bridge between your existing workforce and your need for data scientists. We’ve gotten rid of the need for coding and math to allow your analysts to do all things data science through our incredibly easy-to-use interface. How easy? Well, if they can click buttons, they can do data science. That easy. We offer three levels of automation spanning every part of the data science process, allowing your employees to pick whether they want us to do everything, some things, one particular thing, or nothing at all. With CitizenDS, you can turn your entire workforce into an army of citizen data scientists.

There are so many types of software in the data space: business intelligence and data visualization tools, statistical analysis software, AutoML, giant ML Ops pipeline builders, and everyone’s favorite: Excel. The current way to build your tech stack is to drain the bank account and go to the world’s most expensive a la cart café and hope that at the end of the day, all of the things you just purchased can smoothly interact with each other. Oh but wait, you’re also going to need specialists who understand each and every software. That’s absolutely ridiculous. We package the entire data science process into ONE software, and we’ve made it so EASY that anyone who is capable of hitting a button and looking at pictures can use it. We’ve got it all: business intelligence (GUIDED business intelligence at that – we’ll make all the charts and figure out what’s worth looking at for you!), statistical analysis and hypothesis testing with explanations in plain English, data cleansing, data feature engineering and optimization, AND automated machine learning. Why would you pay for six different software tools, spend countless time and money training people to use a fraction of those tools, and then still require many hours to produce outputs? We’re affordable, we’re broad, and we’re easy. CitizenDS, all in one package. Easy to use and easy to understand.

If you wanted yet another acronym to add to your ever growing list, add “TTFI,” or time to first insight. As the digital revolution continues ahead full steam, speed and agility are becoming more important to stay competitive. The days of analytic studies that take weeks or months is gone; you need insights NOW, not tomorrow. Our novel Guided Business Intelligence TM  (GBI) platform is designed to minimize the amount of time it takes your team to go from raw data to meaningful insights. Instead of your employees combing through your massive data sets like an elementary school nurse looking for lice to find what’s important and what’s noise, let us take care of that. Upload your data, tell us what variable you’re looking to better understand, and we’ll have answers for you before you could even send an email asking for someone to analyze the data. With our auto exploration tool, we’ll show you what variables really matter for your problem, provide a hyper-visual description of the relationships, and give you explanations in plain English interpreting the results. Honestly, it doesn’t get any easier to get to your first insights than with CitizenDS.