How much will something be? (Regression)

How many days until my customer will pay this invoice?

What will something be? (Classification)

Will the material I ordered be late or on time?

What rank will something earn? (Ranking)

Will our new customer service receive a 5-star rating from our clients?

How much will something be through time? (Time Series Regression)

What will sales be for the next 12 months?

What will something be through time? (Time Series Classification)

What will the level of foot traffic be (low, medium, high) be over the next 7 days?

Industry Modules

Document Sentiment Analysis:

How positive/negative is the document as you read through it? How do several documents compare to each other? What words contribute the most to positive/negative sentiment?


How can I break my thousands of rows of data into only a few groups? What things are most closely related to other things?

Fraud Detection:

We’ve partnered up with the number one academic publisher in the fraud space to develop a fraud detection module. We’ll help you identify transactions and abnormal behavior in your data to help you find suspicious activity.

and more to come!