Our story started as all great stories do: with two nerds. These two nerds weren’t just your normal Star-Wars-loving, pocket-protector-wearing nerds. Nope, they were extra nerds… they were… college professors. Joseph Wall and Tom Groleau both taught various courses in business and felt responsible for training the future workforce of Corporate America. However, after their 8000th lesson on the SUMIF function in Excel, they both had the same question: why hasn’t analytics software progressed like cars? (Quick sidebar, Tom has this really weird thing about car data; yeah, we still don’t understand it)

Cars went from being manual, to automatic, to approaching self-driving, so why hasn’t analytics software done the same? So, Joe and Tom started researching the latest and greatest technology on the market: The flashy business intelligence tools still required someone to know how to communicate data visually and identify what was important enough to show. The hottest statistical analysis tools all looked like they were built in the late 90s and required at least a masters in order to understand what the heck was going on. The massive data science pipeline programs that claimed to make the process 9000 times easier definitely didn’t make it easier for anyone but maybe the most senior data engineers and data scientists. And the “magical” no-code AutoML tools were wayyyy too expensive for how limited their product capability were.

Joe and Tom were perplexed, but they saw an opportunity: why not build a TRULY easy to use, no-code software that allowed ANYONE to do the ENTIRE data science process? So they went out and found some other nerds, told them of their vision and what they wanted to do, and let the nerds loose…

and here we are today, presenting to you the fruit of nerds: CitizenDS. We promise you: it doesn’t get any easier than this.