Interns & New Analysts

We can help your new talent hit the ground sprinting like Usain Bolt! There’s no better tool than our Guided Business Intelligence TM to help get your new employees acquainted with your data. They’ll immediately be able to explore your problems, see the key drivers of what you care about, and generate productive insights. Pretty much the only thing we can’t help them with is finding Conference Room 27.

Experienced Analysts (Finance, Supply Chain, Operations, Quality, Logistics, etc.)

After giving your experienced analysts CitizenDS, you’re going to have to upgrade their titles to citizen data scientists. Your analysts have been like sparklers: shining light on your data and providing some interesting color here and there, but with CitizenDS, they’re about to be a full-blown fireworks show finale (unless fireworks are illegal in your state, in which case… well, just make sure the neighbors aren’t home). Your analysts will be able to cleanse and enhance your data, and then create optimized predictive machine learning algorithms. We know the typical analyst doesn’t have an alphabet-soup of coding languages under their belt or a degree in interpreting the Egyptian hieroglyphics that are the math behind artificial intelligence, so we’ve embedded buttons everywhere that take care of whatever they’re unfamiliar with. All hail the “do everything” button!

Data Scientists

We’re not claiming to be a replacement for your data scientists, ohhhh no. We like to view ourselves as a complement to them. First of all, now that you’ve empowered your analysts to use their domain expertise to make machine learning models, your data scientists don’t have to gather the domain knowledge, learn the nuances of the data, and then spend hours and hours cleaning, optimizing, and trying to build models. Your analysts can take their findings directly to your data scientists, at which point all of the data-grunt work is already done, and they can focus on juicing the model to maximum performance. Secondly, while every problem and data set is different, the data science process generally isn’t. Think of us as the standard operating procedure (we know you’re obsessed with SOP’s, don’t lie) for data science. Standardization creates efficiency. Efficiency creates profits. Profits buy fun and shiny things.

Management & Executives

Whether you’re data savvy or not-so-savvy, we think you’re going to appreciate our software. Yeah, we know you’re short on time, so here are your familiar bullet points:

  • Stop emailing your team questions and waiting for answers; we’ll tell you what you need to know
  • Whether you love or hate PowerPoints, we know you can’t live without them, so we built a data summary PowerPoint… that you can get with a single click
  • Don’t worry if it’s been a while since you had to interpret a scatterplot, we provide explanations in plain English

Students & Academics

Data is data is data, whether you’re in the cubical farm or in the ivory tower. Tired of bouncing between 19 different statistical software programs, your coding terminal, and Excel? Yeah, us, too. That’s why we’ve built a one-stop-shop for your data exploration and visualization, statistical analysis, data cleansing, and model generation. Our null hypothesis was that your love for us will be <= 0… but we ran the numbers, and the resultant p-value was significant at a .01% alpha level. Guess we’re just going to have to reject that hypothesis and conclude that you’re going to love us.