We won’t lie to you, we’re pretty darn excited about this section. We’ve managed to cram over 30 different types of ML models into our software for you to play with that span five different major types of problems. Just like the rest of our software, you can interact with the models as much or as little as you want: if you want us to do all of the training and tuning for every model, no problem, there’s a button for that. If you want us to optimize a specific model for you, sure, we can do that, too. If you want to sit in the driver’s seat and play with the levers and dials (uh, definitely no coding skills required) like you’re Han Solo flying the Millennium Falcon by yourself, well, you can do that, too!

With every model, we’ll visually show you how the model performs and give you some easy-to-understand performance metrics. Unlike some of our competitors that overload you with a bunch of hyper technical jargon (hyperparametric tuning, F1 & F2 scores, blah blah blah), we’ll let you know what’s going on in plain English. We also know that you’re going to want to understand what’s driving the predictions, so we’ve included a lot of charts to help you understand which variables were most important in generating the predictions.

So let’s recap real quick: Automated machine learning? Check. Performance that’s easy to understand? Check. Explanations that tell you what variables were important in the model? Check. Fresh brewed coffee while the models are training? Well, that’s on you, sorry.