Oh yeah, we’re bringing back the report card just like it’s middle school all over again. Before you send your data into the machine learning models, we “grade” your data for certain aspects of quality to let you know what’s good and what’s maybe not so good about your data. Unfortunately, unlike your dad who may have slipped you a couple of bucks for every ‘A’ you got, you’ll only get a thumbs up from us for those good grades.

Just because you have some data and a defined problem, doesn’t mean that the data is useful. If we asked you to predict the score of the next football game and gave you data about the chemical composition of the planets in our solar system to help you out, you probably wouldn’t get very far. Before you waste your time training the machine learning algorithms, you deserve to have realistic expectations of what’s to come, and that’s why we do a quick check to see if your data has predictive power before you even get to modelling.