Data is kind of like a diamond. When you first get it out of the ground, it’s dirty, it’s misshapen, and sometimes you’re not even sure if what you’re holding has any value in it. It’s not until you clean and refine it that it becomes something of value. Our cleaning section has the right tools for you to take your dirty data and turn it into something shiny and useful.


The name pretty much sums it up. We get find and get rid of duplicated data for you… and that’s all we have to say about that.

Scrubbing Text

Oh boy, oh boy, have we seen it all in our day: whether it is the accidental fat-finger that causes something to be misspelled, mixed-and-matched data (like the dreaded “first name last name” vs “last name, first name”), or just that one employee who legitimately can’t spell (yes, Wilson, we’re positive that ‘cat’ only has one ‘t’ in it). Our text scrubbing section helps you find and convert those errors so that you don’t have go line by line and manually convert things yourself.


Remember that one time you were an intern and everyone reported their sales numbers in millions and you submitted your numbers in thousands and your business unit stuck out like a sore thumb? No??? Oh wait, that was one of us. But that kind of stuff happens! Whether it’s an accidental incorrect unit conversion, a fat finger, or some faulty test equipment reading, sometimes you’ll have some ridiculous numbers that just don’t make sense in your data. Our outliers section will help you find and fix those values.

Missing Values

There’s nothing quite like data that looks like Swiss cheese. You know what we’re talking about…all those holes from missing values. While we like may like Swiss cheese, sadly, the machines that learn don’t, and missing values can cause a whole host of problems when you go to train your models. Our missing values section will help you fill those holes with the best possible guess so your data looks more cheddar than it does Swiss.