We’re more than just no-code, AutoML: we’re no-code Automated Data Science. We aren’t a one-trick pony, oh no! There’s way more to data science than just machine learning. It’s about designing and applying custom algorithms, diving deep into statistics, and ultimately, solving problems.

Not every problem is a machine learning problem, even though the technology is new and exciting. That’s why we offer custom industry and functional modules. Each module is a designed to solve a specific niche type of problem using the same hyper visual, no-code, and easy-to-use format that you’ll find in our core software.

Some examples include:

Document Sentiment Analysis

We can read through any text document and show you the peaks and troughs of the tone and compare it to other documents. We’ll also break down what words contributed to the positive and negative sentiment in the documents. Whether you’re in PR and you want to make sure your statement ends on a positive tone or you’re writing a speech, you’ll definitely find this module useful.


Whether you have thousands of customers and only enough budget for 3 different advertising campaigns or you’re trying to assemble a fantasy football team of similar performing players, you’re going to enjoy our clustering module. We’ll help you identify which entities are most similar to each other across many dimensions of data so you can narrow your focus.

Fraud Detection

We’ve teamed up with one of the world’s foremost experts in fraud detection to help you keep your company and customers safe. With a large assortment of the traditional methods of detection and some custom homebrew models, we’ll highlight the transactions and areas of concern and point you in the right direction.

Your Problem

Like how our software looks and operates, but have a problem space that we haven’t yet addressed? Let us know! We can work with you to build out custom modules to help you solve your problem.